24SPR En Plein Air/Landscape Painting TUE 9:00AM (02/27-04/30)

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Instructor: Gus Hoffman / 10 Weeks / Feb 20 - Apr 30 / Tuesday / 9:00AM-12:00PM
Class Size: 5-10

*CLASS STARTING 2/27. A make-up date will be announced*

With the light moving and changing so quickly, how can I paint a single leaf let alone an entire tree? How can I realistically paint that cloud when it keeps moving so fast?

Welcome to the exciting and challenging world of outdoor painting!

This class will focus on developing a comprehensive approach towards landscape painting.  Some of the fundamental concepts covered will be:

  1. What to bring into the field (and what not to)
  2. How to set up your palette
  3. Understanding the fleeting nature of outdoor night
  4. Simplification of massing
  5. Value divisions within the landscape
  6. The basics of mixing color
  7. Finding compositions within nature

Class will be organized around painting exercises designed to enhance studentsunderstanding of the above concepts. Each week we will also do a close reading of one landscape painting from a Master Artist. Students will be encouraged to think critically about these paintings as a source of inspiration and guidance within their own practice.

Prerequists: Some basic drawing and painting skills required.


Field easel: French easel, pochade box, or light portable easel are all fine.

Brushes: A variety of rounds, flats, and brights can be used at the students discretion. Please make sure to have several medium sized brushes (size 8-16) on hand.

Paint: Please note that the instructor will be working in a combination of flash and acrylic paint. Students are welcome to work in whatever painting medium they are most comfortable with. Most Students tend to work in Oil. This supply list is created with oil paint in mind. Students are welcome to reach out to the instructor if they have any questions about materials.

  • White
  • Black
  • Ultramarine
  • Alizarin crimson
  • Cobalt blue
  • Raw Umber
  • Viridian Green
  • Green Oxide (optional)
  • Cadmium Red Medium
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Naples Yellow (optional)

Solvents: Turpenoid, turpentine, or mineral spirits are all fine. Please make sure they are in a jar that can be closed.

Palette: a wooden or glass palette is recommended over a disposable palette.

View Finder: You can purchase one or make your own.

Canvases: Students are welcome to use a variety of different painting surfaces including canvases, panels, and arches oil paper. Students are also encouraged to use a variety of sizes during class though they are discouraged from working larger than 18” x 24”. Please make sure to have a few smaller panels or canvases available  (5”x7” and/or 6” x 8”) for specific in class exercises.

Palette knife

Sun visor or hat


Sketchpad with pencil

Paper towels

Bottle of Water

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December 18, 2023