Model at the Academy


NOAFA uses live models for figure study in drawing, painting and sculpture. The pay for a 3-hour session is $60. Models are paid by check on the day of the session. Please make sure to visit the front office to fill out a W-9 so the office can fill out your check correctly.

Life/figure models pose fully nude; Portrait models are clothed. You are encouraged to bring a robe or cover-up from home so that you have something you can easily slip on and off for breaks, but there are also robes in the studio available for models to use. Models should only be nude while posing; please do not stretch, chat with students, or walk around the studio nude during breaks.

"Short pose" sessions generally consist of a series of poses lasting from 1 to 20 minutes, with 9-minute breaks every 20 minutes. During "long pose" sessions the model holds the same pose for the entire 3-hour session, for 20 minutes at a time, with 9-minute breaks. The instructor will time the poses and direct you on poses as needed. If you find that you need to end or adjust a pose before the timer sounds, please let the instructor know; don't suffer in silence!

Some models prefer to use a pseudonym or "stage name" to protect their anonymity. Please let the instructor know in advance if you would like to use a different name while in the studio. The instructor will need to know your full legal name for payment purposes, but students will only ever be given your first name (real or assumed).

Students are prohibited from photographing models at any time, whether they are nude or clothed. If a student asks to photograph you please let the instructor know.

Sessions/classes start promptly at the time posted on the schedule. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ARRIVE READY TO POSE ON TIME. One minute late is still late. If you find that you can't avoid being late for a session, please call or text the instructor you are posing for as soon as possible. Models who are habitually late will not be considered for future sessions and will be removed from the Academy's model list.

Due to the unfortunate frequency of "no-shows," the instructor may text you before a session to confirm your appearance. If the instructor has not received a response 60 minutes before a session is scheduled to begin, you may be replaced with another model and your session will be canceled.

If you are interested in modeling at the academy please complete the on-line application: