24SPR Alla Prima Still Life Painting WED 6:00PM (03/20-05/01)

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Instructor: Ben Hamburger / 6 Weeks / March 20 - May 1 (No class on April 3)  / Wednesday / 6:00PM-9:00PM                                                       
Class Size: 5-8


Alla Prima refers to the process of applying color straight away, without a developed underpainting. As opposed to more traditional layered (or ‘indirect’) painting processes, direct painting asks artists to consider color/value relationships simultaneously and apply confident, opaque marks to describe their subject. There is a spectrum from indirect to direct painting that we will explore in class. Rather than prioritizing smoothly rendered realism, we will appreciate the brushwork and shapes of color that accumulate to depict space, light, and form.

Throughout the course, we will study paint application, process, color perception, color mixing, simplifying subject matter, and more. Short skill-building exercises will be interspersed with longer, more in-depth painting projects. We will begin with various still life exercises and may eventually broaden our subject matter to include other topics of personal interest. This is an intermediate painting class and some foundational painting experience is required. Acrylic and/or oil painters are welcome.

 Suggested Materials:

All materials are flexible and up to personal preferences. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Paint: Students are welcome to use either acrylic or oil paint. Please have a full palette of colors that you have on hand. Below is a suggested palette that I will generally use for demonstrations. Feel free to experiment with other colors.

  • cadmium yellow light or lemon yellow 37ml
  • yellow ochre 37ml
  • Quinacridone Red 37ml
  • ultramarine blue 37 ml
  • cerulean blue hue 37 ml
  • burnt sienna 37ml
  • raw umber 37ml
  • titanium white 150 ml

Paint Brushes

  • Filberts or flats #’s 2, 4, 8, 12
  • Larger brushes

Solvent/Medium (if using oil paint):

  • Refined Linseed Oil –small bottle/8oz (painting medium)
  • Gamsol, terpenoid, or other odorless oil painting solvent

Painting Surfaces:

  • Canvas pad, mixed media sketchbook, or scrap substrate for quick studies and exercises
  • Sketchbook for notes/sketching
  • Various painting surfaces, the specific size is up to you- 8x10in – 16x20in
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Hamburger, Ben
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December 18, 2023
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