GiveNOLA Day

GiveNOLA Day

Apr 27th 2022

We are excited to announce for the first time ever the Academy is taking part in GIVE NOLA DAY! On May 3rd or anytime this week during early giving, please take a few minutes and give whatever you can to your art school in New Orleans. 

All Funds Gifted to NOAFA go directly towards our programing for Adults and Youth in our community! 

What is GiveNOLA Day? 
GiveNOLA Day, hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, is a regional one-day, online giving event that inspires people to give to the nonprofit organizations that are making our community stronger. 

What nonprofits are participating? 
NOAFA, along with over 750 other nonprofits across the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s 13-Parish region, are participating in GiveNOLA Day this year. 

Please be a part of supporting the arts in New Orleans and give to NOAFA! Thank you.