23SPR Workshop - Painting the Portrait Beyond the Photo Reference TUE,THR,FRI 1:00PM (03/21-03/31)

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Instructor: Belinda Flores-Shinshillas / March 21, 23, 24, 28, 30, 31 / Tuesday, Thursday, Friday / 1:00PM-4:00PM
Class Size: 5-8



The six day’s lessons in this workshop will cover the whole painting process, starting from surface choice and preparation. Students will learn about the structure of the human face from an artist’s perspective in a fun tutorial with handouts. The workshop will cover the whole process of a direct painting approach method, from brush strokes of the first layer to a final realistic portrait. Students will be provided with a photo reference and in-depth instructions on how to paint way beyond the photo reference and create a vibrant painting that looks realistic.

Students will learn how to use photographs to create a painting that surpasses the look of the photograph, not simply imitates it. At the end of the workshop students will be able to create authentic paintings and capture the essence of who a person. Emphasis will be placed on value control, skin tone, and edges focusing on deliberate color weaving and maintaining accurate mass relationships raher than rendering.

Workshop Specifics
This workshop will reframe how you approach painting a portrait by giving you the tools you need to take your painting to the next level. We will cover several key elements including:
• The Structure of the human face from an artist’s perspective.
• How to transfer your reference to the painting surface.
• How the directions of your brushstrokes impact the realism you achieve within your painting.
• How to identify basic skin tones in your photo reference.
• How to use texture and light to move beyond the flatness of a photo reference.
• Knowledge of common drawbacks and what to be careful about whether painting from a photo reference.
Day one: Demo by instructor starting with transfer of reference, organization of color palette. The instructor will show three stages of the same painting for students to know the progression of the process.
Day two: Students will transfer their photo reference drawing into the painting surface and under the guidance of instructor will start layering paint observing the different skin tones in the photo reference.
Day three: Students will keep painting observing the different skin tones finishing the first layer of their work.
Day four: Students will keep working on their painting focusing on how to create texture and light with mediums and the movement of brushstrokes.
Day five: Students will keep working on their painting focusing on how to create texture and light with the movement of brushstrokes. The instructor will show a video demo of the finished layers to students.
Day six: Students will keep working on their painting focusing on how to create texture and light with the movement of brushstrokes. At the end of this day students will be able to finish their artwork.

Material list:
• Any surface for oil paint 6 x 8 in (Panels or stretch canvas)
• Round brushes (1, 2, 4 size)
• Filbert brushes (2, 4 size)
• Mop brush (1/4 size)
• Palette knife triangular small
• Any palette (grey glass is better)
• Paper Towels
• Walnut oil to clean brushes
• Glass Container (medium size)
• One Ballpoint pen
• Charcoal stick
• Oil colors: Flake white – Gamblin; Snap Green -Gamblin or any other brand; Brilliant Pink – Michael Harding; Yellow light or Yellow deep- Gamblin; Rosso Ecolano – Vassari; Burnt Umber -Gamblin or Michael Harding; Radiant Red – Gamblin; Raw Umber- Gamblin or Michael Harding; St. Remy Green Light - Charvin; Burnt Sienna -Vasari or Gamblin; Video Blue -Vasari; Terre Verde -Vasari or Gamblin; Naples Yellow -Gamblin; Ultramarine Blue- Michael Harding or Gamblin; Radiant Blue -Gamblin; Black -Any brand; Radiant Green -Gamblin; Kings Blue Pale -Vasari; Warm Grey -Gamblin or Semmelier; Italian Earth – Semmelier; Blush Tint -Vasari (aternative-Naples Oragne-Gamblin); Turquoise Light -Semmelier (alternative- Radiant Turquoise); Terre Rose – Gamblin; French Havane -Vasari (alternative- Gold Ochre-Gamblin); Red Umber – Vasari or Gamblin or Michael Harding; Capuchine Red light- Vasari; Deep Ochre -Michael Harding or Gamblin; Raw Siena- Gamblin or Michael Harding; Cad Red/light- Gamblin or Vasari; Scarlett Siena- Vasari; Quinacridone Red- Gamblin; Kings Blue- Vasari or Michael Harding.
• Winsor & Newton Liquin Original (small)
• Walnut/Alkyd Medium (small)

Additional Details
Flores-Shinshillas, Belinda
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December 12, 2022
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