23SPR Visual Arts Extracurricular Foundation (12-18 yr) FRI 10:00AM (03/03-05/05)

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Instructor: Krista Jurisich / 8 Weeks / March 3 - May 5 (No class April 14 & 21) / Friday / 10:00AM-12:00PM
Class Size: 7-10
Age: 12-18*

Objective: To provide Visual Arts Foundation Instruction toward the creation of a solid visual arts portfolio that reflects the student’s voice and craft in the fine arts. The portfolio can include such student art works as observational drawings, still life studies, self-portraits, abstract pieces, drawings from memory, 3-dimensional works, a working sketch book and a basic artist statement or outline. 

In Practice: Middle School and High School Students will work to develop a visual art portfolio of creative works, drawings from direct observation, working sketchbook ideas and the beginnings of an artist’s statement.  There will be an emphasis on developing visual arts skills and proficiency in a variety of art media.  The student’s artwork will also incorporate visual concepts that reflect The Elements of Art (space, color, shape, form, value, texture, and line) and The Principles of Design (balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity).

Vision: Your homeschool student will work with master local artists and be given exceptional artistic learning opportunities at the Academy. This program has been hand tailored to the homeschool student and will be advertised as such in our new youth curriculum. Explore our website and campus today to see what your child can soon explore at the Academy!

Supplies: All supplies will be provided

*Youth classes have been designed by age to be as pedagogically appropriate as possible, but the Academy recognizes that there are special situations where students are advanced for their age. Please inquire with the front office if you would like your child to be placed into a class that is not within their age range. Thank you

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