23FALL Beginning Drawing WED 1:00PM (09/13-12/13)

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Instructor: Sara Madandar / 13 Weeks / Sept 13 - Dec 13 (No class Nov 22)  / Wednesday / 1:00PM-4:00PM
Class Size: 5-9

CONTENT: The main goal of this class is disciplining the hand to translate what the eye sees onto the drawing surface. Through the repeated physical activity of drawing, students will refine their dexterity and intellectual powers of observation and visualization. Students will work primarily from observation in order to strengthen their perceptual abilities.

Students will produce works on paper in a variety of media, all thoughtfully considered in both observation and technique. Students will develop technical skills, expand their understanding and definition of drawing, and proactively learn from new artists whose works will introduce every session.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The course has two primary objectives: first, to embellish the student’s disciplining of the hand to work in concert with the eye through techniques, devices, and tools appropriated in Beginning (contour, sighting, vertical and horizontal alignments, one- and two-point perspective, etc.). Second, the course should attune the student to how these aspects of drawing might be utilized in visually conveying specific concerns. Through each project, we will develop a growing understanding of spatial relationships to develop visual and material language for two-dimensional space.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

- Develop working habits and how to manage time.

- Learn to draw with more confidence and skill.

- Strengthen their observational skills.

- Understand accuracy of drawn relationships (line, scale, shape, volume, value, texture, etc.)

- Learn to prioritize and utilize different ways of drawing for personal outcomes / effects.

- Learn to present and criticize a piece of artwork.

Introduce artists: Since learning to draw requires learning how to see, looking at accomplished artists’ renderings throughout history is an important discipline to maintain. In the beginning of every session, I will give a short presentation about the practice of the day and introduce some new artists related to the class practice.


Additional materials may be requested during the semester.

  • Large (at least 18" x 24") newsprint print for Daily Drawings
  • Large (at least 18" x 24") good quality drawing paper
  • Charcoal: vine
  • Assortment of pencils
  • Kneaded eraser

A kit with the above supplies is available. Please pre-order your kit by sending an email to info@noafa.com.

Supplies NOT included with the kit:

  • Portfolio - Something clean for turning in your drawings, something else for bringing your materials to class.
  • Fixative
  • Pencil blender
  • Gum eraser
  • Pencil sharpener (small brass or metal one) 
  • Sketchbook (at least 12”)
  • Gum and white plastic eraser
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August 21, 2023