22SUM Solvent Free Oil Painting Studio and Surface Preparation WED 6:00PM (06/08-07/27)

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Instructor: Belinda Flores-Shinshillas / June 8 / Wednesday / 6:00PM-9:00PM
Class Size: 5-7

This solvent free oil painting studio and surface preparation course is designed for, both, beginning students with no experience, and for advanced students who have completed a beginning oil paint class or had similar educational experience and wants to work in a safer nontoxic studio practice environment. Resin oil paint mediums and solvents will not be used in the studio.

Students will be taught basic information and skills including materials and equipment to start a safe and nontoxic studio practice. The instructor will demonstrate approaches and techniques related to painting without the use of solvents, resin mediums, and proper brush cleaning techniques and other knowledge and skills related to traditional oil painting free of solvents. Additionally, students will learn about the properties of diverse surfaces (substrates) and how to prepare them. The students will paint a first oil painting simultaneously with the instructor over the first four weeks using a canvas surface; a second oil painting using a wood or ACM panel in the final four weeks. There will be art critiques at the end of each project to engage positive student interaction.

All required city/state health regulations/codes will be followed.

Tuition includes a $15 fee for materials.

Prerequisites: None


SUPPLY LIST FOR BEGINNING STUDENTS (Advanced students can bring the materials they have related to this list)
This course won’t use solvents of any kind.
1) Text: The New Oil Painting by Kimberly Brooks (optional)
2) 1 wood frame for canvas 8” x 10”
3) Cotton canvas cloth – 11” x 14” piece
4) 1 Baltic brick wood raw (unprimed) panel 8” x 10” x 1/4”
5) 1 ACM panel 6” x 6” x 1/8” (instructor will provide it)
6) Liquitex Acrylic Gesso
7) 2 All-purpose paint brushes or foam brushes 2” each
8) Brushes – bristle, synthetic, and sable –flat, round, chisel, script, fan, etc.
9) Good grade Oil Paints – The students can elect to bring a beginner set of primary paints.
10) Acrylic paint, color sienna or grey (instructor will provide paint)
11) Walnut oil
12) Light vegetable oil
13) Palette Knives – small, medium. Steel. 1 flat one triangular.
14) Art box or fishing tackle box (Wal-Mart) You may also transport supplies in a small suite case with wheels and a handle.
15) Paper towels or Rags made from old T shirts are better.
16) 2 Glass containers (Mason jars or Oui yogurt containers work well).
17) Palette - resealable rectangle box with wax paper.
18) Bar Soap for oil paint.
19) Apron.
20) 2 small Kitchen metal mesh sink strains.

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Flores-Shinshillas, Belinda
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May 23, 2022

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