22SUM Advanced Still Life Oil Painting with Garth WED 9:00AM (06/01-06/29)

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Instructor: Garth Swanson / 5 Weeks / June 1 - June 29 / Wed 9:00AM-12:00PM
Class Size: 5-12

Advanced Still Life Painting in Oil is one of two final painting courses offered at the Academy. Still life painting is critical to understanding the representation of life on the canvas. Through a rigorous study of form and light students will be challenged to use the skills they have fostered in painting and drawing courses here at the Academy and carry their work forward through challenging objects and strong craft in oil paint.

This class is designed to build upon the techniques developed from beginning and intermediate level painting courses with an extra emphasis on paint quality and the ensuing discourse created within the work. Additional exercises and demonstrations will be used to show the range of painting techniques (from Scumbling to Glazing, Impasto to Sfumato, Washes to Layering, Brushwork to Palette Knifing and so on).

It is highly recommended that students have taken all other courses in our studio art curriculum prior to taking Advanced Still Life Painting or Advanced Figure Painting class. Please feel free to connect with the office if you would like to challenge yourself with this class and are not sure if you are ready or not. We are always looking for new students who want to push themselves further in their art.

Prerequisite: Intermediate still life or equivalent

Supply list: please bring your regular oil painting supplies and a few choices of canvas formats and sizes to your first class.

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Swanson, Garth
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May 23, 2022

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