22SPR Beginning Oil Painting at Night THR 6:00PM (3/31-5/26)

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Class is full. Please email registration@noafa.com to be placed on our waiting list.


Instructor: Ben Hamburger / 8 Weeks / March 31 - May 26 (No class April 21) / Thursday / 6:00PM-9:00PM
Class Size: 5-7

During this course, students will learn about and practice the fundamental techniques and processes of oil painting. Based primarily in observational painting, students will gain familiarity with oil painting materials, strengthen their perceptual skills, and develop an understanding of color, value, and two-dimensional design. Through demonstrations, painting exercises, and group discussions, students will ease into the broad field of oil painting and gain the experience to further pursue individual painting endeavors. This class will be great for those with little to no painting experience or those interested in refining their skills starting with the basics.

Prerequisite: Beginning drawing or equivalent

When you register, please put in the comments if you want a seated or standing spot.


Oil Paint

You can decide the brand per your budget, student or professional grade, but you don’t want to go too cheap or it will hinder your progress. I recommend Gamblin 1980 for a good student grade paint at a good price point.

  • cadmium yellow light or lemon yellow 37ml
  • yellow ochre 37ml
  • cadmium red medium 37ml
  • Quinacridone Red 37ml
  • ultramarine blue 37 ml
  • cerulean blue 37 ml
  • burnt sienna 37ml
  • raw umber 37ml
  • titanium white 150 ml

Paint Brushes

  • Filbert or Bright: #’s 2, 4, 8, 12

Pre-stretched Canvas or panels

Surfaces are a matter of preference and you may want to try a few things out as the course moves forward. From stretched canvas to various ridged painting boards, there are many options. I recommend American Easel Gessoed Wood Painting Panels 7/8th in thick, but you can try any, or go to the hardware store and make your own. Just make sure they come to class primed or gessoed and ready to go! The following are recommended sizes:

  • 3x 9inx12in (one for the first day)
  • 3x 11x14in
  • 1x 12x16in
  • 1x 16x20in


  • Refined Linseed Oil–small bottle/8oz (painting medium)
  • Gamsol, terpenoid, or other odorless oil painting solvent (at least 16oz)

Other Supplies

  • 2 small plastic squeeze bottles for solvent and medium
  • Palette knife (I like the flat design, but the trowel shape is fine too)
  • Palette Options (any of the following 11” x 14” or larger):
    • disposable paper palette pad
    • mirror
    • wooden palette
  • Silicoil Brush Cleaning Jar and/or Medium-size jars with lids for solvent
  • latex gloves
  • cotton rags, old t-shirts, or heavy duty paper towels
  • Canvas pad (approx. 9x12in) or a few cheap canvas boards for quick painting exercises
  • Mixed media sketchbook (at least 8.5” x 11”)
  • Drawing Pencils (and any other drawing materials preferred)
  • Scissors
  • Box to carry everything

A kit with all the supplies is availble. Please pre-order your kit by sending an email to info@noafa.com.

Registration for Adult Classes will start January 17, 2022

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January 17, 2022

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