22FALL Memory Pastel Drawing Project (7-10 yr) FRI 3:45PM (09/16-10/21)

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Instructor: Krista Jurisich/ 6 weeks / Sept 16 - Oct 21 (Make-up class Oct 28) / Friday / 3:45PM-5:30PM
Class Size: 5-10
Age: 7-10*

Introduction to Foundations in Art Memory Oil Pastel Drawing Project /The Elements of Art and Principles of Design

Objective The students will learn how to visually transform a memory into an expressive or imaginative drawing derived from small thumbnail studies, written notes and their learned knowledge of the Principles of Design and the Elements of Art.

Goal To create a colorful Oil Pastel drawing that incorporates the Principles of Design and the Elements of Art to illustrate an expressive memory landscape.

In Practice Students will discuss the memory artwork of fiber artist Faith Ringgold and her series in the book “Tar Beach”. The Principles of Design and the Elements of Art will be discussed and presented by example from looking at the artwork “Woman on the Bridge”. The students will be prompted to discuss how drawings and paintings can communicate the essence of a memory. The students will compose several thumbnail sketches that represent either a recent or a distant memory or both. The resulting images will be used as a reference for the finished drawing which will be completed in Oil Pastel on professional drawing paper.

Supplies: All art supplies will be provided

Parents, once you register for a Youth Class, we will email you a form to complete with additional information about your child. Please keep an eye out for this email 1-3 days after registering.

*Youth classes have been designed by age to be as pedagogically appropriate as possible, but the Academy recognizes that there are special situations where students are advanced for their age. Please inquire with the front office if you would like your child to be placed into a class that is not within their age range. Thank you.

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Jurisich, Krista
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August 29, 2022

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