22FALL Exploring Ceramic Vessels: The Teapot THR 6:00PM (09/15-10/20)

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Instructor: Reid Nicholls / 6 Weeks / Sept 15 - Oct 20  / Thursday  / 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Class Size: 5-8

Description: Join us as we demystify the teapot in our 5 week “Exploring Vessels: The Teapot” class designed for all skill levels and for those with no previous knowledge or pottery experience. In this class, students will learn to use handbuilding methods to create teapots out of clay with techniques including pinching, slab and coil construction; the pottery wheel only being used as a trimming and finishing tool.

The history of the teapot will be explored through historical images and demonstrations will be given at the beginning of each class as the basic structure of a teapot is broken down into 5 simple elements: Body, Foot, Spout, Lid, Handle. The objective of this class is to gain a familiarity and confidence in approaching those elements and find ways to create a teapot that strikes a balance between function and creativity in this ancient and exciting form.

At the culmination of this 5 week class students will have successfully created a minimum of 2 teapots. One teapot will be made alongside your instructor Reid Nicholls and the second teapot will be designed by the student with one-on-one instruction and assistance by Reid. All work will be glazed on the final day with a food safe glaze and can be picked up at a later date.

It is important to note that this is not a wheel throwing class, though if a student has experience on the wheel it can be used during this class. If you are interested in learning to throw on the wheel please consider taking our Exploring Pottery on the Wheel course.

Supplies: Tuition includes a $50 fee for materials, i.e., clay, tools, and glazes

Prerequisites: none

Tim Mather teapot photo use with artist's permission.

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Nicholls, Reid
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August 29, 2022
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