22FALL Color Based Painting (4-8 yr) SAT 2:00PM (09/17-10/22)

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Instructor: Hayley Jensen / 6 Weeks / Sept 17 - Oct 22 / Saturday / 2:00PM-3:30PM
Class Size: 5-10
Age: 4-8*

We’ll be exploring a wide variety of painting materials and techniques while focusing on one color each class. Throughout the class, the students will be introduced to different painting materials, exploring the difference between tempera, acrylic, watercolor, and fabric paint. Not only will we experiment with different paints, but also on different materials, such as paper, canvas, fabric, and air-dry clay. We will look at images of famous and local painters’ work as inspiration
in the beginning of each class. Throughout the class, each student will have their own masterpieces to take home, ending with a final collaborative project for the last day of class.

Supplies: All supplies needed for this course will be available when students arrive for their first class.

Parents, once you register for a Youth Class, we will email you a form to complete with additional information about your child. Please keep an eye out for this email 1-3 days after registering.

*Youth classes have been designed by age to be as pedagogically appropriate as possible, but the Academy recognizes that there are special situations where students are advanced for their age. Please inquire with the front office if you would like your child to be placed into a class that is not within their age range. Thank you

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Jensen, Hayley
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August 29, 2022

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