21FALL Cartooning & Comics (10-14 yr) TUE 4:00PM (10/5-11/9)

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Class is full. Please email registration@noafa.com to be placed on our waiting list.


Instructor: Dave Hotstream / 6 Weeks / Oct 5 - Nov 9 / Tuesday / 4:00PM-5:30PM
Class Size: 5-10
Age: 10-14*

Cartooning and comics are first and foremost a medium of visual storytelling. Whether you choose to create stories about superheroes, fantastic creatures, other planets, or the sandwich you made for lunch yesterday, comics give you as a creator complete control over the characters and worlds you create. In this class we will learn how to draw anything by starting with simple shapes, how to tell a story without words, character design (and what makes a character memorable), using panel and page composition to guide your readers’ eye, the importance of keeping a daily sketchbook practice, turning your ideas into comics, and much more. Work in class will be done with traditional materials (pen & ink, brush, and markers) and focus on foundational drawing skills as well as creative expression. 

Supply List:

  • Speedball Super Black or other brand of waterproof India ink
  • Escoda pointed round #2 brush (or similar such as Winsor & Newton series 7, #2)
  • 11”x17” Bristol Board pad (vellum or smooth)
  • Sketchbook, Pencils, Erasers
  • Sharpie markers or similar
  • Light blue or non-photo blue colored pencils
  • Manga "G" pen nibs (Nikko, Tachikawa or similar) available through Amazon or may be purchased on first day of class
  • Pen nib holder

Parents, once you register for a Youth Class, we will email you a form to complete with additional information about your child. Please keep an eye out for this email 1-3 days after registering.

*Youth classes have been designed by age to be as pedagogically appropriate as possible, but the Academy recognizes that there are special situations where students are advanced for their age. Please inquire with the front office if you would like your child to be placed into a class that is not within their age range. Thank you.

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Hotstream, Dave
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